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About James Mironchik

I grew up with a love of the piano; It's always been a fundamental form of expression for me. I've been fortunate to turn that love into a profession.

My background as a pianist led to work as a Music Director, arranger, and conductor. And being bitten early on by the tech bug has lead to work as a synthesist and synth programmer, engineer, and sound designer.

Some people and organizations that I have been fortunate to work with (certainly in no particular order):

"From The Garden"
A collection of songs harkening back to days of yore, when life was simple and you didn't have to take your shoes off before flying, if anyone actually did fly.

Orchestral Emulation/MIDI synthesist for "The Wonder Pets", the hit children's show on Nick Jr.

Gwen Verdon
Carl Anderson
Dennis DeYoung
Anne Reinking
Tony Orlando
Amanda McBroom
Hal Prince
Liz Swados
The Sarasota Opera Company
Naomi Judd

And here are some sound samples

("A Fanfare", "Romantic Underscoring", and "A Lullabye" © James Mironchik) :

A Fanfare

Excerpts from a score for "The Wonder Pets"
2008 by the composer

Romantic Underscoring

A Lullabye